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Choosing the right clothing for a family photoshoot is essential to creating cohesive and visually pleasing images. Here are some tips on what to wear for your family photos:


Coordinate, Don’t Match

Instead of everyone wearing the exact same outfit, aim for coordinated colors and styles. Choose a color palette that complements each other and the location, and mix and match different shades and patterns within that palette. Think timeless not trendy.

Consider the Location

Think about the location of the photoshoot when choosing your outfits. For example, if you’re shooting in a natural setting, earthy tones and muted colors can work well. If it’s a more urban or modern location, you might opt for slightly more vibrant colors.


Avoid Logos and Busy Patterns

Large logos and busy patterns can be distracting in photos. Opt for simple patterns or solid colors to create a timeless and classic look.

Layers and Textures

 Incorporating layers and textures adds depth and interest to the photos. Consider wearing jackets, scarves, cardigans, or accessories that complement your outfits.


Comfort is Key

 Choose outfits that you and your family feel comfortable and confident in. When everyone is comfortable, it will show in the photos.

Avoid Extreme Trends

While it’s fun to be stylish, consider avoiding extreme fashion trends that might look dated in a few years. Aim for a look that is both current and timeless.



Fit Matters

 Properly fitting clothes look best in photos. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose, as they can affect the overall appearance.

Balance Bright and Neutral Colors

Balance out bright colors with neutral tones to avoid overwhelming the photos. Neutrals like white, beige, gray, or denim can help anchor the look.


Flatter Your Skin Tones

 Choose colors that complement your family’s skin tones. Some colors might wash out certain skin tones, while others can enhance them.

Think About the Whole Group

 Consider how the colors and styles of each family member’s outfit will look together as a group. Lay out the outfits together to visualize the overall effect.




Hair and Makeup

 When you book with Casey McMurray Photography hair and makeup are included in your session, done in a way that complements your outfit and enhances your natural features.

Plan Ahead

Coordinate outfits well in advance to ensure everyone has time to find suitable clothing and make any necessary alterations.


Remember that the goal is to create a harmonious look that reflects your family’s style and personality while allowing each individual to shine. When in doubt, opt for classic and timeless choices that will stand the test of time and remain visually appealing for years to come.





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