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Last year my husband gifted me with a Pentax 645 N camera. I love the look and feel of medium format film. Below are images from the first few times I picked up my camera. A combination of Fuji 400 and Portra 400 film. Always learning.
New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0001.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0002.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0003.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0004.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0005.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0006.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0007.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0008.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0011.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0015.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0016.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0013.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0018.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0014.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0020.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0021.jpg

New-Orleans-Film- Photographer_0022.jpg

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